Saturday, March 20, 2010

Someone Else's Post

I just saw this post on  I was roaring!  How true is this?  You always think you look so fine until you see yourself through a camera lense...I love digital cameras!  Keep shooting until you get just the right angle!:)

Wonder Woman

Yesterday we had our family pictures taken. I was a little surprised to see the out come. It seems that my inner view of myself has been skewed for quite some time. This is how I envision myself... It turns out I actually look a little more like...
It's funny how a few innocent pictures take the wind out of your oh so confident sails. I suppose either way I'm still super. Damn camera...

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The Child Family said...

haha LOL that was really funny!!!!
I have the same problem. Or clothes i think look cute, really are the ones that make me look fat, and the ones i think make me look fat, actually don't. Go figure :)