Saturday, March 13, 2010

March Goal

March Goal

My goal for this month is:
Be Spontaneous!
I often find myself getting in a rut with my schedule-type personality.
Jake said to me the other day: 
"I think I could predict 95% of the time how you would
react in a situation."
That's pretty pathetic.  
I want to be less predictable.

Therefore, I bring you spontaneity-every day!!
 (If it's planned spontaneity, is it still spontaneous?:))

Here's a few of the things we've done so far: 
(a fun new game called Clue where I draw
pics and the kids run to find the next
clue resulting in a fun prize in the end-silly string)
So far we've had a blast!


Jessica Sedgwick said...

a tent in the family room, huh? I don't think we ever got to do that when we were little! Fun!

The Child Family said...

I think planned spontaneity is still spontaneous. The clue game sounds way fun, and I'm so jealous your weather permits marshmallow roasting, and no coats :)