Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What? A Craft?

It's been so long!  We did another book project to say good-bye to winter.

Okay, tutorial (sort of).  People, this is so easy.  Just go get a book off of your bookshelf, think of a craft to go with it.  (Or look one up online.  My favorite sites are Child Fun, Kaboose, CraftBits, AmazingMoms, or the blogs on the side under My Favorite Links.) It does not have to be fancy.  I mean, look at this...it's marshmallows.  That's it.  Please do it!  I promise your kids will start to love reading even more and pick up  on essential skills for the learning years.  Just do it!


Laura said...

Yes ma'am.

Connie said...

Loved the pictures of the boys! Looks like their colds are finally going away! Here's a suggestion for you to get the boys to enjoy reading. Take them to the library (I know 3 little ones) and lt them pick a book. Andrea's library has pajama nights where the kids go in their PJs for story time. They all love books and love to read. Your kids would really enjoy it! And don't listen to any old man at the library who might make a smart remark!!! love ya!