Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas and the...Beach???

I know, I know, you read it right. We did Christmas and then went to the beach on the same day. All you northerners are so jealous right now! We had a fabulous Christmas and, of course, went all kinds of overboard. Coolest presents: Luke got hand-me-down toys, Cooper got some AMAZING quiet books from Grammy, Emily got a sweet, sweet camera from Jake, and Jake got a Wii from Emily and Mom and Dad Jewkes. Do we sound spoiled?? That's because we are. Right after Christmas we headed over to St Simon's Island and stayed in a fabulous beach house and were lazy to our heart's delight. I was simply thrilled to get through the weekend without going into labor after I had my membranes stripped on Christmas Eve. We had tons of fun playing games, swimming, biking, and Jake even WON American Idol (on Playstation) both times we played against my entire family. You're shocked right? I'm not, I always knew he was a closet karaoker. Enjoy some visuals from our wonderful weekend and my awesome new camera that actually takes non-fuzzy pictures! Thanks to all who sent gifts and love!

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Dixie and Drew said...

Going to the beach on Christmas!!! That would be a nice present in it self Glad ya'll had a great Christmas!!