Monday, August 13, 2012

Carnival Splendor, Day 3

Day 3   

There is beginning to be a not-so-good pattern evolving on this cruise, and it begins at 5:30 am.  It begins with a massive scraping sound, which kind of sounds like like some gigantic animal being killed with the animal protesting its death.  What it actually is: those poolside cots being dragged across the floor right above our heads.  You see, we are on Deck #8, the Verandah Deck.  On Deck #9 is the pool deck, the Lido Deck.  Our cabin happens to be in the middle of the ship, right below the major pool area of the ship.  They store all of the cots every night, and at 5:30 am they decide to slide them across the ground to their resting place for the day.  Needless to say, my wife is not pleased with the moving of chairs so early in the morning because she cannot go back to sleep, which is a very precious commodity for a bearer of triplets!

Gary put on his “nasty persona” today to try and get the $100 spending credit onboard the ship.  It was great.  He was telling them how he had a reporter back in Georgia waiting upon their return for the completion of the Carnival Splendor saga.  He said that this was a joke that they were doing nothing about this.  They had said that they couldn’t find it anywhere in their system, and Gary did not like that.  We gave them the number to the travel agent that set up our previous cruise so that she could let them know that it really was true and that Gary really wasn’t some crazy cruiser.  Apparently because we had such a big group, Carnival gave each stateroom $100, and we were trying to get that again because we had it then.  I was actually very shocked that they wouldn’t even budge.  Gary said that he couldn’t wait to get back to talk to his reporter, still nothing.  Oh well, we’ll see what happens in the next couple of days or else the all mighty Griffin Daily News (Griffin, GA) may get a hold of the story, step aside NBC, Wall Street Journal, and the rest of the powerhouse media.

Today was the first day that we could leave the ship, we made it to Cabo San Lucas.  What a beautiful place!  The setting is absolutely beautiful, on the point of Baja California Sur, beautiful rocks and cliffs, with hotels being built right into the cliffsides, then you have the famous arch right at the point of the peninsula—BEAUTIFUL!  

At this port we have to wait to be tendered in on little boats.  That is fine, but they have to load up everyone on the ship, which generally takes a couple of hours to get everyone off the ship, and we happened to be on the very last boat.  I know this because the crew also gets to go ashore, but they have to wait until all of the guests are gone.  We were on a boat with members of the crew.  It was the last boat of guests, and it was after 12:00.  We did not get a lot of time because we had to get back on the tender at 5:00.

This is when we went on a little errand for Jennefer.  We had to go the hotel that she and Jim stayed in last week because she forgot some of her pajamas, so we had to go and pick those up.  We just stayed at the hotel, unbeknownst to the staff at said hotel, and swam, laid back and read for hours!  

 By now you should know that I do not do well with just sitting and reading in the sun, yes, I started to get antsy.  Emily suggested I go down to the beach.  So I did just that.  It was beautiful, the waves were hitting against the rocks and splashing up, in fact I was walking on the rocks unawares when one of the waves doused me in sea water!  I just sat there and watched the waves and crabs for about a half-hour, then climbed back to the hotel.  That was our adventure at the “free resort”.  Oh, we had a few tacos because it was Taco Tuesday, and Jennefer said that you could get tacos for like 50 cents.  She was off by about $1.50 per taco.  You can get them cheaper in the states!

That seemed to be a common theme in Cabo, you can get it (anything) cheaper in the states.  That doesn’t seem right.  You go to Mexico to get cheap stuff, right?  Do not go to Cabo San Lucas for cheapy, cheapy.  I guess we’ll wait for Puerto Vallarta which is Thursday’s stop.

We got back to the Splendor, headed to dinner, where we have this very annoying hostess who feels that it is her job to keep us entertained while we eat, with a very obnoxious voice saying, “Hellllooooo!”  Make it stop, please!  The food has been amazing though, so much better than the sandwiches we were served in 2010.  Oh, that was nasty!  From dinner we went to the room to watch the Women’s USA Gymnastics kick some butt and win the gold medal, go “Fab 5”, I guess now it has been changed to the "Fierce Five" thanks to Jalen Rose getting a little offended at "Fab 5" because of his Michigan team from who knows how long ago, that being their nickname.  After that we saw Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and company take the gold in the 4 x 200 Freestyle, go U.S.A!  

We decided that it was probably time to go hit the evening show, which was a comedy/juggling act.  Emily made it about 30 minutes when she said, “he is really funny, but I can’t stay awake.  I’m going to bed.”  This was at about 9:15!  Not normal.  Oh well, I stayed to the end, and the guy was pretty funny, then I headed to bed; only to be awaken by those dadgum chairs.  AAGGHH!!!  Who wants to sleep on a cruise anyway?

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The Child Family said...

Oh I can't wait for your pics of Puerto Vallarta, since that's where the hubs and i went on our honeymoon!!!
Cabo does look gorgeous- that is so funny that jennifer asked you guys to get her pj's, thank goodness you got a free hotel break from it :)
Sorry about the chairs, that stinketh- but you can't sleep past 6am anyway, so you're only losing 1/2 hour right? :)