Friday, January 20, 2012

Fall...Yes, I am Writing About Fall

I am officially writing about our Fall activities in the month of January-what gives?

Grammy came to visit us in October and we had so much fun together!
We visited the pumpkin patch:

 We took her to the Aquarium and Botanical Gardens:
 We baked, and ate, Fall cookies:
 We used her for slave labor:
And she smiled the whole time...until we all broke down and cried from exhaustion!

We LOVED having you here, Grammy.  Thank you so much for coming!


Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Looks like you had a great time with mom!! She is such an amazing grammy!

Ryan and Andrea said...

I am so glad someone is as behind as me! Better late than never, right? Looks like you had more fun doing things than writing about them!

Debbie/Mom said...

I feel horrible!!! I must admit, I just read your post....I don't know why they are not coming up on my email, but they're not..that's my excuse anyway. It was so fun being there!!! Thanks for the memories!!!