Thursday, November 18, 2010


This is my teaser!!  Sorry--I know you are all anxiously awaiting our Carnival Splendor adventure, but in an effort to keep this chronological Halloween comes first.  I plan on updating later tonight on our instant fame!


How great are they?  Yes, my husband is an artist.  Too bad they rotted the very next day---dangers of living in humidity!

Okay--because they're cute we'll show you our kids first: 
This is the only real picture we got of Luke's costume because he took it off pretty much right after this.
Where's Waldo?
Check out that dragon!  Easiest costume ever!

Now.......drum roll please........

Here's the mama and the daddy:
No, that's not Gene Simmons, that's us!  We are so cool.

 An incredibly fun couple in our ward put on a scavenger hunt halloween party!  It was such a blast--thank you so much!  We placed 3rd in the hunt but creamed the competition in the costume contest!  That's right--1st place baby!

Here's some of our scavenger adventures:

 And to leave you with another parting shot of our awesomeness!:)


Jene and Megan said...

Ok, I LOVE LOVE your KISS costumes!! You guys really are so cool! This post made me so bummed that we couldn't come to that party...dang it! We are such a losers! ;)
Also, I was so sad you weren't at playgroup...I wanted to hear all about your cruise "adventure" in person!!!

The Child Family said...

Nice!!!!! I love your costumes- very fun!!!!

Jessica Sedgwick said...

Wow, I had no idea that Jake was such a talented pumpkin carver! Those jack-o-lanterns are amazing! And is he the talented face-painter, too? I never, ever would have recognized him. You, on the other hand, Emily look rather in your element! Just kidding. :)

The Allred Family said...

ok...this is the first I have seen of your kids' halloween costumes. CUTE!