Friday, September 11, 2009

Those Crazy Sedgwick's!

We (actually my mom) had the HONOR of watching the Sedgwick kids for 3 weeks while their mom and dad went to Africa. In order to make the kids feel like they weren't missing out, we pulled out all the stops!! They were entertained every day with stuff ranging from the zoo, crafts, the beach, a jump warehouse, homemade forts, and space shuttles!! Lucky us, we got to tag along to join in all of the fun!
The Zoo

The Fort

The Jump Warehouse

The Craft

The Beach

Space Shuttles!

The Kennedy Space Center down in Florida was awesome! Cooper has declared that his 3rd birthday will be all about spaceships! Good, I can't mess up white frosting!


Jessica Sedgwick said...

Thanks for entertaining my kids so much! By the was less than 2 1/2 weeks that we were gone. :)

The Child Family said...

3 weeks? WOW, that's impressive, and you guys did so much stuff!!!! I'll be sure to start looking for something "spacey" for Coopster's b-day.
p.s. you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!