Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthday, Happy Dad's Day, Etc.

Happy Father's Day Jake!! We went all out this year--huh, honey? Jake was woken up from his sleeping in with a fabulous breakfast in bed and then got to be lazy all day. For a Sunday, that really is a sacrifice (for me)!! Like how I'm singing my own praises??:) Sunday's are crazy and it's hard enough to get myself ready let alone the 3 monkeys. After church he was treated to a requested fajita dinner and rootbeer floats as well as a homemade fun (mostly failed) game of Price is Right. If you ever try it yourself, make sure you use groceries that are priced far apart so someone can actually figure out the right prices! Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right? Then Jake received his very own toy! Yes, I bought him a toy for the little boys but I'm telling you he was loving it! He got to put it all together and show the boys how the big tools work. I think it was a great multi-purpose gift!!:)Trying to guess the prices on some groceries. He won a father's day coupon for this one!
(The Hole-in-One game from Price is Right. Yes, he did get the putt in!)

Enjoying some root beer floats-this was right before Lukey spilt it all over!! I forgot how good these actually taste...yummy!

Playgroup was so fun this week! The Schock's pulled all the stops out on this one! They had lots of fun water toys that my boys went to town on. I even went to Target afterwards to try and score my own slide on clearance, but they were gone! It has been so incredibly HOT here! You walk outside and it feels like a sauna. It is such a nightmare. It was really nice for the boys to be able to go outside and stay cool.

Lincoln had a really fun 3rd birthday party and I once again swore that I would not give my child a party until he was old enough to remember it. It's just too much work for someone so little! They had bbq-ed hot dogs and then hit the fire station for a tour and such. When they turned the sirens on every kids started crying and I nearly jumped out of my own breeches. It was definitely a not-so-smart move on the fireman's part. However, the overall experience was a blast and super cheap.

Home sweet home for those firemen!
Check out that cake. There was so much red dye in the frosting that none of the kids ate it! It looked cool, though!
Everybody loved this part. Jason and London came out with fire colored streamers and the kids "put the fire out" with squirt guns and water balloons. It was really fun!

We've had lots of family in town so we've gotten a chance to do a ton of fun things. We've gone swimming, to the zoo (see above pic), to a jump place, and of course on girl's night out. I love it when family comes in town--never a dull moment!

Okay, these pics are totally late but here is what Jake did for me for my birthday. He surprised me with tickets to the Fox Theater to see "Jersey Boys"! It's a musical about the Four Seasons band (they sang Sherry Baby, Dec of '63, My Eyes Adored You, Walk Like a Man, Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You, plus tons of other familiar ones that I can't remember off the top of my head). Then we had a romantic dinner after. It was really fun and even more fun that it was something he thought of, surprised me with, and wanted to go to also. Thanks honey!

For those of you interested in the craft section my life, here you go (we've taken it easy with crafts with family in town and all):

P is for Pengiuns! and plums, popcorn, painting, many things!
I cut a potato in half and then made a handle to hold on to. Coop stamped the body and then used the handle discards to make the wings. Then we glued on a tummy and drew on a beak and footsies.

Kate and Taylor Crofts helped us out with this book project. We read "The Enormous Crocodile" by Roald Dahl. Then we made life-size (sort of) crocs of our own from a cereal box with foam claws and teeth. Now his croc is taped on the wall eating our butterfly from a few weeks ago. It's all the circle of life, right?


Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Happy Father's Day Jake! Sounds like your family went all out for the day to make it special for you, how nice! We miss you guys, hope we get to see you sometime soon :)

The Allred Family said...

"jumped out of your breeches?" You are sooo funny. I think you mean britches! :) Cute pics of the party. I wish i had gotten a good pic of Lukey screaming his head off. So funny.