Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monday Book Project

Loved this project. We read "Pete's A Pizza" by William Steig. It's about this boy who's sad because it's raining so he can't go outside. Well, his dad decides to make him happy by "making" him into a pizza. I let each of the boys play the part of Pete and we rolled and stretched and tickled their bodies. They had so much fun! Then we made our own pizzas. I let go of my control freak self and actually let Cooper go completely free on his pizza. I didn't tell him what a mess he was making, or there was too much cheese, or how to put the pepperoni's on. He totally handled this one on his own and he did a dang good job! I was really proud. They actually turned out tasting really good, also. I would totally recommend this project for any of you mom's out there!


rebabell said...

yeah- i can see you practiced some serious restraint there. i'm getting nervous just thinking about it. but, cute idea- sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

How fun and the book sounds so much fun too! You are amazing, you are amazing you are amazing! Time for me to move in with you guys! :)
love, dagmar

Dixie and Drew said...

What a cute project. Looks like some messy fun!