Sunday, July 6, 2008

We Got Spirit, Yes We Do!!

We kick started the fun 4th of July holiday with our first ever annual Peachtree Road Race in Brooks, GA. We were all too lazy to drive up to ATL so Jim (fanatic runner brother-in-law) decided to set up our very own race. I'm telling you this race was a sight to behold! He had it marked with copper spray paint, even provided us with a half-way mark which actually was psychologically terrible since I thought I was more than half-way through when I got to that mark! There was an official water table with Gatorade and Powerade and a really cool freshly road-killed armadillo to entertain all of the kids. I headed up the cheering section since my toe isn't quite healed yet. The course was 6 miles but the catchy part was that you were just going to run up and down the same stretch of one mile road 6 times. Monotonous, eh? We chose to use the safe course for the sake of many roaming children. Besides Jim and Jennefer all of the other teams consisted of partners. I am very, very proud to say that Jake ran two legs of the race before dropping out in fear for his life with exhaustion!! I did walk one leg with a double stroller so I felt mildly proud of myself.

After the incredible race we all dove into the pool and only got out quickly to eat the delicious BBQ and drink all of the diet coke we could since our Resolutionary Challenge was lifted for a day in honor of our forefathers. We had a ton of fun and thoroughly enjoyed spending about 7 hours swimming.
The next day we hauled all of our bodies off to the Allred family farm! They have the most amazing set up! They have toys (motorized) galore, a fun pool, and more fun than a day can handle. Some would say we're spoiled, I would say we did a great job of enjoying our freedoms this weekend!!


The Allred Family said...

Thanks for editing the pic of Cooper. I've seen enough of his jewels! :)

TamiAbbyKevin said...

Wow em, I am tired just reading about your trips (that could be the 9 mos prego talking, but I dont know).

Lindsey said...

Okay I have lots of comments.

1- That picture of Luke is SO stinkin adorable

2- Is that Jennefer with the insanely skinny body after having 5kids?! She must be a workout-a-holic! I'm jealous. Does she have a blog?

3- Is that Jake flipping off the diving board? Impressive.

4- Did Coop actually swim sans bathing suit? That's WT.

5- I'm glad you guys have such a great family and that you are close by them to celebrate the holidays. Looks like you guys ARE spoiled and had tons of fun.


You guys look like you really had fun for the 4th. Made me wish I lived close to all my siblings. I cant get over how big the boys are getting. They are so cute!

Grant and Shalie said...

Looks like a fun 4th! 6 miles, wow!! I think I would have passed out after 1/2 mile :) Luke needs a hair cut, he's starting to look like a girl! Just kidding. He is so cute and I sure miss him and Cooper!

rebabell said...

FUn update! I can't believe Jim organized a race for you all- and on the same stretch of road!!! Ha! Adorable pic of Luke, BTW.

The Child Family said...

Georgia here i come...maybe :)
You look SO gorgeous in the pic w. you and cooper on the 4-wheeler.
What a fun 4th, I'm so glad you guys had a good time