Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hutchings Family 2008

Hey Hey! Here we are! is the long awaited, long anticipated, and just plain long da da da blog. Wow! We are now a beautifully large family of four due to our recent addition on January 1st, 2008. Check us out!


Grant and Shalie said...

Jake and Em,
I found Rickey Gardner's blog if you want the sight go to my blog, hit on Gardner's (that is Jon and Jamie's) and from theirs go to Rickey and Cariss blog. They have some cute kids.
Anywho, just wanted to say hi! If you find out any cool tricks with this blogging thing let me know, 'cause i feel really dumb with it all

The Gardner's said...

Hey guys! We got the picture of your beautiful new Luke. Congrats! He is so cute! We are excited you have joined the blogging world. It will be great to see more pictures of your family. You can come see our at:

Hillarys little Paynes said...

Great to see you blogging! Ive actually been wondering how y'all were doing, and last time I saw you Cooper was only like a week old or something. Two boys!!! now thats exciting and your in for a real treat. My boys are finally to the age where they really play together all day long. Its so fun to watch them. Cant wait to see more pics and lots more from you guys. Cousin Hillary

Anonymous said...

Very cute picture-congrats on New year baby Luke!

Bryan & Janelle Guymon said...

Howdy Jake and Emily!

Congratulations on the new little one. Hopefully you don't fall off your chair when you get a post from me on your blog. My family and I are visiting Russell and Katrina and I got looking at the blogs they have so here I am. I think the last time we visited was when you helped us move from Logan to Lubbock. Congratulations on your beautiful children! How are things? Are you still in Cache Valley? Oh, sorry this isn't an email it is a post. We hope things are going well for you and yours. We're just pluggin' along in law school. Janelle says I'm going on and on so I'll stop. Talk to you later.

Bryan Guymon

The Allred Family said...

i don't know how I feel about the "beautiful" Christina Aguilera song.......:)